AV Management Consultants also known as AVMC is a Training &Management Consultancy with offices in Singapore and Malaysia. AVMC has collaboration arrangements in Dubai, India and Pakistan. AVMC provides various workshops in the area of Sales & Marketing, Management & Leadership, Quality & Productivity, Safety & Health, Legal & Healthcare, Hospitality Management and Soft Skills.

AVMC has been in the field of business performance and improvement for over 20 years and our consultant are industry experts in their chosen field. They are highly dedicated and committed towards sharing of right knowledge, attitudes, skills and competencies to all our clients in the region.

As training techniques continue to evolve to meet the contemporary marketplace, our core principle remain intact and solid:

“Transformation for peak performance begins with a change in attitude from within”

AVMC’S Slogan


Charles Gonzalves coined this slogan during a moment of reflection sitting at the beautiful scenic beach coast of Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast in Australia in the year 1988. It has become a hallmark feature in all his workshops.

AVMC’S Tag Line


AVMC’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

AVMC’s activities are focused towards the young adults. A confident young mind with the right attitude and improved skills will make a great global leader. We have a specially designed young adult’s workshop titled ‘ELITE ACHIEVER’

AVMC’s Vision Statement

  • To be an Academy of Excellence in training & education in the Asian region
  • To work as a Strategic Educational and Collaborative partner globally
  • To achieve a status of Respect and Recognition as a Training & Educational Academy by the Year 2025

AVMC’s Mission Statement

To improve performance of every individual through inspiration, innovation, creativity and commitment.

Singapore Office

200 Jalan Sultan,

#03-11 Singapore 199018

Malaysia Office

126-2, Jalan Komersil Senawang 1, 70450 N. S.

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AVMC Academy

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